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POLE Collection

Explore your creativity

Add, exchange and always adapt to your needs. Versatility at its best


By using pipe connection concept, you can create vertical, horizontal, mesh, irregular, flexible and all kind of requirements

Nuestros productos.jpg

ITI application

Rotate 360.jpg

360° rotate

T connection.jpg

T connection

3-way connection.jpg

3-way connection


Pendant kit

Pendant kit + power cord

Pendant application

Project20 2(1).jpg
90° horizontal connection.jpg

90° horizontal connection


Straight connection

TT application


Mesh application

Mesh application.jpg

Mesh connector

Cross connection.jpg

Cross connection

Connection 10°.jpg

10° turn



Laina con más de 10 años innovando en el mercado de iluminación, presenta esta nueva colección con la más alta calidad y diseño excepcional.


Each fixture can be installed easily with a variety of styles to choose from. The lighting modules are designed to be clicked on installation. 

Due to its variety of options, the only limit is your own mind and creativity.

POLE K.jpg



Store lighting

For a good lighting design in a store, there are three key moments where light plays a fundamental role. One, displaying the product on the storefront and catching the customer's attention long enough so that they want to enter the store. Two, once they are inside the store, the customers will appreciate all the characteristics of the product that make it unique such as: color, texture and quality. Finally, in the fitting room where the customer will decide to buy the product, the correct lighting will do its magic emphasizing the customers’ great appearance with the product on.


All Laina luminaires offer a high color rendering index to highlight all the fine details in the products and as a result encourage the customers’ purchase decision.


Homes give us a space to eat, sleep, rest, interact, study, etc. that is the reason why it’s important to ensure that each activity has an adequate lighting. However, it is common that in a single room many activities take place, so lighting needs to be flexible enough to adapt.

Our collection modules are click-on, so they can be: placed on, moved, removed or turned as needed, depending on the activity that will be developed.


Lighting in the workspace is decisive as it can improve or affect our performance without being conscious about it. The main objective is to illuminate the work area avoiding direct glare or wasting light in other areas. The POLE collection offers different options of beam angles and luminous fluxes so that you can use the one that best suits the space. Additionally, the use of flexible connectors allows you to transform an indirect light into a direct light to give the proper lighting to a specific work area.

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